Music Career of Late Dr. Sir. Warrior and his Oriental Brothers International.

Dr. Sir is a household name in music in the 70s and late 90s, he was a legend during his music career both local and international.
He started learning and playing guitar in the 60s when he was 11 years and was popular on the traditional band “Ese”.
His popularity and diligence in his traditional music led Oriental brothers band formed and managed by Godwin Kabaka Ọkpara and Dansatch Emeka Opara invited him to their band in 1070s at the age of 15.

Immediately he joined Oriental Brothers he became their lead vocalist and guitarist at times, his sweet voice took Oriental Brother to their peach as they were able to release many songs in 1975 which was vocal by Dr. Sir. Warrior.

Later Oriental Brothers had an internal problem which led to their splitting as: Ichita formed The Great Oriental Brothers International, Oriental Brothers International and then The Original Dr. Sir. Warrior & his Oriental Brothers International (The Oriental Original),which had 12 Platinum and 10 Gold hits in his career.

It will be recalled they Oriental Brothers International Band was she first Nigerian highlife boy band formed after the 3 year devastating Nigeria civil war which ruined the east where the boy came from, hence the “Oriental” meaning the Eastern.
They started in an in-house band at Easy Going Hotels in Owerri own by Chief James “Ewele” Azubike.

The first original Oriental Brothers band international had five members which made them have five fingers in one of their album, the five members are: Godwin Kabaka Okpara, Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara, Livinus Akwilla(Aquila) Alaribe, Fred Ichita Ahumaraeze and Christogonus Ezebuiro “Warrior” Obinna.
Their first split took place in the year 1977, then Kabaka a lead founding member of the Famous Oriental Brothers left and formed Kabaka International Guitar band, immediately Alloy Anyanwu who was a former guitarist to Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe replaced him. In 1978 a mistrust and copyright issues ensued between Dansatch and Warrior on one side and Aloysius Anyanwu on the other side Which ended in libel action. Hmmm.

It was this that led Alloy Anyanwu to form his own band called State Brothers Band. His exit left only Dansatch and Warrior and they recruited other musicians around Owerri and Ghanaian who was residing in Nigeria then to relaunch the band. In 1980 after Obinwanne hit album they both had another dispute and Warrior get hold of the nucleus of the band.

Dansatch now called his own Oriental brothers international led by Ferdinand Emeka Opara.

It was learnt that the Oriental Brothers kept the unity of the Igbos and kept many Igbos sanity after the ugly experience had during the war.
They were the pride of the east and Nigeria at large.

Dr. Sir. Warrior became more popular and travelled more to Europe, America and other African countries, he is unique in his music which is philosophical and educating.
He had many albums to his credit which were popular till date , but the Nwanne awu Enyi his first personal single sold 7.8 million copies in 1978, others are “ofe owerri” ebea jiga ajiga and many more he died in late 90s.

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