Agbala Community gets a brand new Solar Powered Borehole from Imo River Basin Authority.

Water is one of the commonest but most essential to human lives, you do without food, cloths and everyother thing but you can’t be do without water.

Everything living thing needs water to survive, plants needs water to grow, bear fruits and for longevity, animals also needs water for survival, human beings too needs water to live and be clean and healthy.

Agbala is one of the fastest growing communities in Owerri North L.G.A. of Imo state, a nearest town to Owerri Municipal that accommodating the state capital itself, Agbala has increased in population in recent time as majority of the people who works and does business in Owerri live and operates from Agbala daily and this gave rise to speedy development to the community.

As usual, one of the social amenities that pose challenge to such developing communities is water and the case of Agbala is not different, if not for the help of certain individuals, mainly strangers who has boreholes in their homes and gives people free water it would have been more than what it used to be.

All the same Agbala has a vibrant young man as their traditional ruler who has enforced unity and security in Agbala to see that their visitors have a conducive environment for living.

His fight against cultism is second to none and his cabinet members are working harmoniously with him to achieve this success.

Few weeks ago, Eze Malachy Ọnụ the OLELE II of Agbala took the bull by the horn and attract a sola powered Bore hole to his community to alleviate the sufferings of his people and visitors on water, it was powered by Anambra and Imo River Basin Authority which is a Federal Government Institution.

This project takes barely seven days from the commencement to finishing and today Agbala has a functional Solar Powered Bore Hole. We pray God to keep him and let him look into the power issues and find a possible means for the Transformer purchased last year to be installed and energised to increase the power supply in the area.

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