The Havoc and Lessons on Corona Virus Pandemic.

Early this year there was a rumour of an emerged from Wuhan China and that is killing people so fast. Initially people thought it was these political and new year propaganda to scare people away from early business trip, others thought it was from mischief makers and haters of Asia especially with the rancour between USA and Iran.

But as days goes by the number of affected people multiplied by geometric progression and death toll rose drastically and the disease began to get world attention.

As America began to reduce the no flight leaving their country to China and returning. British airways was the first airline to shut her trips to and fro China.

Before the world could realise and understand the hand writing on the wall America had her first victim and few days later it spreads to Europe and later Africa.

Now many almost every country have shut their international airports and borders and a total shut of commercial, civila and business activities including social activities.

Nigeria is not an exception in this as Lagos State last week shut down activities of churches, schools, restaurants,beer parlours etc to curb the spread and many others are in isolation (quarantine) to enable health personnel to look after them.

As of yesterday many other states has followed suit. But my challenge in this is what measures has this government taken to care for the masses. In Uganda landlords were asked not to take rent from their tenants for the next three months, in America and other Europe the masses were given cash to buy foods and drugs they will use for the period they are to stay indoors.

But in Nigeria here many states are owing workers months of salaries and allowances yet they are asked to go home and not to come out for weeks, where will they get the money to buy foods that will systain them till when the curfew is lifted?

Moreover markets are closed so where will they buy what to eat? Another question is majority of Nigerians depend on their daily sales and outings to make earns meat (buy food to eat) that is to say if they don’t go out no food for the day, how will they survive?

If this pandemic comes heavy on us here in Nigeria where are the hospitals and equipments to take care of victims?

Have you seen where corruption kept us? Our leaders depended on traveling out of the country for medical treatment, now the oversea hospitals don’t want to see them because they are still battling with the pressure of her citizens at hand, there is not even a border to go incase.

How prepared are we to fight this disease?

What the banks where people are forced to hugs and exchange sweat in the name of keeping and maintaining five man at a time, while other hundreds of people are suffocating themselves in a small space waiting for their turn to be checked before going in?

What of the transport sectors hope we have told the owners of the buses to have patience with the drivers until this issues is resolved because they must make account if they must remain in business. Can government bring out good luxurious buses to carry people free or less amount to maint social distance?

What about the landlords and rent? Hope they will give their tenants time to pay?

What about the fuel stations? All fuel stations along Ana road In Owerri has closed down including the ones owned by traditional rulers and government officials yet we blame government in everything. Because government reduced pump prince to #125 all of them automatically shut down waiting for a new directive on additional money so they can start to sell. But if it were to be increment they will reduce their metres and still sell on the new pump price, government please look into that and withdraw licence of every dealer who shut down or refused to sell fuel at the new pump price or those who reduced their metres and prosecute them. They are the worst Corona Virus (Covid-66).

What about those Selling SANITISER ? they have increased the price by 45% and even those selling detergents and nose mask. Government should make these things available to the public free of charge and regulate the market for this period of time that is one of the benefits of having functional government in such situation.

So as you plant to shut down your state what’s your plan for your people Mr. Governor.

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