On this rock will I build my church. Rev. Pastor Ejim.

The Acting General Superintendent Assemblies of God Nigeria Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim ministered in the ongoing 9th Triennial Council meeting of Assemblies of God Nigeria Jos District.In his message he Titled “On this Rock I will build my Church”.
He took his text from the book of Matthew. 16:13-18Highlights
The church is not ours but God’s and Christ is the solid foundation.No foundation can any man lay than that laid by Christ Eph. 2:19. Christ being the Chief Conner Stone.A song by Acting GS “Know ye not that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost, full of grace, full of power, full of glory. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost”Christ is building a Church that is Holy, without spots or wrinklesHe said to Peter, “Upon this Rock will I build my Church, and the gate of hell can not stand against him” Matthew 16:18We can no longer do what we want but what Christ wants. Gal. 2:20He said “Follow peace and Holiness, without which, no eyes shall see God”Paul said “Work out your faith with fear and trembling, proving your Holiness”. Live not evil lives cos when the trumpet will sound, it shall be devastating.Jos District will elect her leaders and most bare responsibility of whatever happens within the next 3yrs.For that:
If we want a Holy Church,
– We must vote Holy and Spirit filled Presbytery members (DS, ADS, Sec, Treasure and 3 other members)Holy deacons and ministers of the gospel most vote Holy leadersActing GS said “because we have none Spirit filled leaders/pastors, AG being the mother of all Pentecostal churches is sliding cos the total number of Spirit filled members in AG has droppedHe reminded the delegates that, before now, you can not sing in the choir, teach in the Sunday School nor go to the Bible School without been filled with the Holy Spirit.We must vote those that are:
– Blood Bought,
– Blood Washed and
– Spirit filled leaders.Acts 13. The Holy Spirit said, “Separate for me Paul and Barnabas for a special service”.After Judas Iscariot, the Church prayed to God to choose from the two nominated members the person to replace Judas.The election was in the spirit, ours should also be in the spirit.Acting GS noted that, the Holy Spirit is here to change the minds of those that campaigned or had meetings before this election and cause everyone to vote as lead.He concluded by saying, “all that will vote today shall play a part in determining how this District will run for the next 3yrs”.We are to hold ourselves responsible if we don’t adhere to the Holy Spirit leadership.Rev Deme Bot said before the prayer that:
We should ask ourselves “why this message today”?We must take the message serious while we elect the presbytery for Jos District todayHe said there is a clear spiritual difference between the Church of 1954 and the Church of now in the northern Nigeria.He said “lack of Holiness is ruling the church now and pray God heal His church.Rev Dr Ezekiel Solomon Fai prayed after the message.———————————————————————-
To God be the Glory

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