Police Beats PolyNek student near death.

It was a sad news Yesterday, we obtained the sad report of how the Police attached to Ihiagwa brutalized a bonafide Student from the department of Mass Communication.

The Press Released by The Premier Student Press FEDPONEK, read thus;


Earlier today a student of Mass Communication department,federal polytechnic nekede owerri by name Cajetan okereke popular known as CJ has been rushed to the school medical center after he was beaten brutally by the Ihiagwa police man at his hostel, (modest hostel).

In the early hours of today in modest hostel, A boy by name Goodluck saw police truck approaching their hostel,he ran into a room with some of the lodge mates,this room happens to be cajetan okereke’s room. The police got to the room door and saw footwear’s,they banged on the door for the boys to open the door but no response, eventually the president of modest came in and asked the police what the problem was.

In his statement”officers pls what’s the problem am the president of this lodge,what is the problem.

The police replied “we want these boys to open this door or we damage it”. The lodge president asked the police officers if they found any of the boys with illegal arms or exhibit they police said no,he then said ” officers promise me non of these are leaving this environment with u and they police man said they are not taking anybody outside the lodge.

The president then asked the boys to open their door,some refused cajetan pleaded with them to open the door since non of them has committed any crime and that they are clean, cajetan aroused and went for the door,immediately he opened it the police officers bagged in about four of them one kicked him at the chest with more beatings, they others beat the remaining boys brutally.

According to the president, Cajatan slumped and couldn’t say any thing one of the female police officer who was against the male police officers reached out for a hand fan to fan the slumped boy but no response the officers joined hands too but to no avail,they left the boy there unconscious.

The president asked them why they have to do such, they couldn’t give any concrete reason rather than to say that the waisted their time. They were about leaving with the other 3 boys which the President stopped and begged them not to and they police officers had to request for fuel money, after which the President gave them N2000 and they left.

They boy was rushed to human race hospital by some of his lodge mates, the hospital rejected him after #10,000 was spent there. Then he was later brought to the school medical center where he is responding to treatment.”

Source: gentlemuller.

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