PROPHETIC FRAUDSTARS! By Rev. Dr. Paul-Nathan Udeze

I didn’t hear that anyone predicted about Corona virus before it came. The Nigerian prophets only prophesy about the death of big men and ask them to pray. Which they do by running to them with money, so they would cancel the impending danger.How come they failed to predict about a thing as big as Corona virus that can wipe out a whole nation if care is not taking. Nigeria prophets who engage in prediction or foretelling from the biggest to the smallest are fraudstars. Anyone who foretells what would happen in the nation or around the world at the beginning of the year is a fraud and a sorcerer. Naturally, some of them would come to pass while so many of them would not happen because it is all a demonic setup.Of course, we have genuine prophets in the New testament dispensation but their work is not to foretell, that means, they rarely foretell. Their work is forthtelling, which means to proclaim or to preach Christ Jesus and to ensure that He is preached correctly. He rebukes errors and receive revelation based on what were already written in the Bible.We don’t walk by prophecy but by faith. Trust God about your future every steps of the way. Jesus Christ took care of our past, present and future only through His blood at the CROSS. Not through prayer and fasting or all night prophetic service, only through His BLOOD!Faith in the blood of Jesus Christ is all we need! Not faith in all the scriptures quoted by your Pastor not faith in His prophecies but only in the BLOOD (Rom.3:24-26). Faith in the blood comes by hearing the word of God concerning only what Jesus Christ did on the cross as it appears both in the Old/New testaments.

Jesus Christ say that all the scriptures speak about Him and what He would accomplish on the cross (Lk.24:27; Jn.5:39)A true prophet, like Apostle Paul centers his message on calling people back to what God accomplished through Christ for us at the cross. Death which had been under the power of Satan was destroyed on the CROSS through the death of Jesus Christ (Heb.2:14-16). We are not at the mercy of the Devil and his agents, neither are we at the mercy of diseases and viruses, we are under the power of Jesus Christ through His BLOOD.Through the blood of Jesus Christ, you can face death if that is the will of God for you and through the blood of Jesus Christ, you can physically overcome death if you have not finished your mission here on earth.

There is no age limit to death! Life and death are the hands of God. He alone decides when your work on earth is done not man. So trust Him and never depend on predictions which some call prophecy to know your future. Biblical prophecies are for exhortation, edification and comfort not predictions. A man who cannot close a service without predictions is nothing but a sorcerer.

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