by Ukwu Daniel (Kingdanny )

ARONDIZUOGU my people, we have a big problem. Is a hard time we tell our selves the bitter truth that we are lagging behind in everything.

some people are not happy with my previous post, while some knew the truth behind my post, it was to re-awake our minds towards redeveloping our own community.

Others were asking questions how we can start to get our town ARONDIZUOGU work again? I will start my response to those questions by asking us questions too.

Can a divided house 🏡 profuce a happy family 👪 without them coming together? Now the answer is NO, but it seems we are divided and don’t want to come together as one family if the truth must be told.(we can see that through our comments on the previous post)

(2) Proud have taken majority of us as everybody wants to be the leader without first of all be a good follower(servant) we don’t value what we have, we prefer to promote and enjoy other people’s values than our own (Ndi beanyi, anyi Na ahurimbuba Na oku ).

(3) We don’t appreciate our brothers and sisters who are trying in one way or the other to get our town ARONDIZUOGU work again.

(4) Castigation, my people of ARONDIZUOGU we know how to castigate and run our own people down and it’s time we put an end to it.

*How can we achieve all this?*

We have to start by realising that God bless us with potentials and special gifts and then come together as one family, reason and speak with one voice and take a decision as a family. We must swallow pride, my little knowledge about Aro, We are one anywhere in the world and give listening ear to our brethren as well as work with one towards achieving a positive goal. ( ARONDIZUOGU is our own ARO deffrent?) and I ask again is MBANASA more learned and united more than us?

“Izuogu were is our lost glory”? Can we take a good look at Akokwa do they have academias and wealthy people than us? But dey have everything in their place, timber, best daily market in Ideato nation , good schools, banksr, industries, motor parks, good roads and light 💡, etc. they achieved it because they have one mind and put the development of their town first and today they talk of the town around and we even rush there to get what we need and flez life.

Izuogu which one do we boost of? Akokwa I know have about Six (6) communities but now have their own Police division but ARONDIZUOGU have more than 20 communities yet we don’t have even a functional police station.

ARONDIZUOGU my people we don’t have another town we can call our own except AROMDIZUOGU, no matter how long we flex and stay in the city home is home, if we refuse to come home alive we certainly must come home in death.

Please let us get back to our feets and work towards restoring our lost glory, Our Traditional Tulers, the chiefs, the big men and young rich guys come together and let’s us discuss way forward.

We can partner with government to restore our electricity project back to function and our technocrats will return home, women can sell ice water etc.

I believe in ARONDIZUOGU and ARONDIZUOGU must be great again.
Long live ARONDIZUOGU, Long live IMO State, Long live Alaigbo.

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