Opportunity that must be used wisely.

Time has gone when youths are mute, silent and don’t say anything in our community, time has gone when Old Men who are now dreaming instead of vision for the devilment of Our Great Town will continue to occupy leadership and decision making positions.

Time has gone that we continue to live our lives here as if there are no responsible youths in this very town Chai, it gives me sleepless nights when I see our neighbouring towns calling us ARONDIZUOGU of yesterday (Izuogu Eshimbu) .

I Shed tears when I see our mothers and sisters going to buy things from the people and towns that once came to our town to buy things. It’s painful when people and our friends hear about ARONDIZUOGU and decides to follow us home only to see and discover that we don’t even have electricity, good hospitals, no bank.

They simply see ARONDIZUOGU as a town without development. One question that lips out from them is ” Indeed the mighty ARONDIZUOGU” we have been hearing about!.

ARONDIZUOGU don’t have good roads, no plans to get it repaired in the nearest future but we have produced the Timbers and Calibres (THE MBADIWE’S, OBIOHA’S, etc) in Niger Nigeria politics in the past and even in the present. Yet we lie like a men in captivity in our own father land.

What is wrong with ARONDIZUOGU?

Inspite of all these mockery state of our town real Men still go to bed with their two eyes closed as if nothing has happened, nor its happening, I indeed weep for my town.

Now is a new down and we shall wake of from our slumber especially the youths and ask for the cause of this problem, find solution to it and rewrite history in this town of ours, we have no other place to call our home.

Now that the government have zoned local government caretaker to ARONDIZUOGU who shall we send? And who will go for us? who will speak for us in the outside? Who is that David , that will kill Goliath and deliver us?
Can our elders assist in the search for a young man with the desired qualities to take is to the promise land?
Can we shun sentiments, acrimony, greed and envy and allow the best to go for us,despite his village, kindred and community.

The Youths of ARONDIZUOGU Wake up from your Slumbba, stop sleeping!Awake let us stand and take up this challenge and fight this peaceful fight and liberate our fatherland.

Drinking and smoking from the tables of those who should prepare you for the challenge ahead. they call you leaders of tomorrow, when is that tomorrow? It’s today and now.

Anybody who can not train you into becoming tomorrow’s leader nor give you the assistance to achieve your goals for tomorrow (destiny) is your worst enemy.Merriments, drinking, smoking and ratious life will not help you.

Nobody will dash you your futures you have to work for it.Let them teach you how to fish instead of given you fish. The time is now what are we waiting for?
what we need this liberation, we need development, we need local industries in our town ARONDIZUOGU. ARONDIZUOGU shall rise again.



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