GOIN FOUNDATION is at it again….. !

Equality and success is when the rural dwellers have access to atleast 60/70% of the infrastructures and social developments that the people in the city enjoys as well.

For example the a pupil in the city knows and has access to computers and can differentiate between the desktop and laptops even palmtop and Pads.

But it’s totally different to a secondary school leavers in the rural communities who have not even seen nor touch a computer before, what a wide gap? What is the cause of this gap? How do we close this gap? These and more is what GOIN Foundation has come to answer and that is why we have just opened a window of opportunity for Economic Empower (EE) for the good people of Arondizuogu and Ideato in general.

About the Opportunity
GOIN Foundation Enterpreneurship Development Centre is marking the Formal Opening of her SCHOOL OF BEAUTY and FASHION this weekend, Saturday, Feb 29 by 12 noon at Arondizuogu. With this, our Foundation will be empowering and transforming the lives of hundreds of youths and women with FREE VOCATIONAL TRAINING covering Fashion & Designing, Make Up Artistry, Hair making , etc


The training which runs into months, is completely free.

And guess what?

enrollment and registration is still open and going on till Friday, Feb 28. And it’s equally 100% free.

Let’s Wow you a little more with the additional benefits of the training….

Trainees that successfully complete their training will be getting start up support tools which include :

1. Sewing Machine

2. Make up Kit Box

3. Free 3 Biz Set up Mentorship.

And many more.

For enquiries, registration,
sponsorship and collaboration, reach on :


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