Sexuality Doesn’t Respect Spirituality. Rev. Jasper Abiahu.

People of God, carefully go through this piece.

Sexuality doesn’t respect spirituality…. When it comes to Sexuality, you can only WIN by embracing the truth of your Sexuality and living in the CONSCIOUSNESS of what you know about yourself.

As a pastor, a very close sister once asked to be accommodated in my house and I was living in a big house with extra rooms… Zama and my son were in Cape Town so it would be me and that sister living in that house…. So I told her that I couldn’t help her since my family weren’t around…I sent her some money and encouraged her to find who to share a space with…. She got angry and blocked me even here on Facebook… She was disappointed that I even mentioned that something could happen if she moved in to my house…. But I was just being honest. She’s a grown woman and I’m a young man…. We are not related and the Sexuality of a man doesn’t understand “He is my mentor or she is my mentee”… So embracing your own truth will help you make good decisions…. The pastors who usually get into sexual troubles are the ones who always feel like they are DEPUTY JESUS…. You see, once you exaggerate your ability to withstand sexual temptations as a man, you are a fool who is about to litter his seeds all over the place.

Embrace the truth that your Sexuality is louder than your spirituality…. You can slide from speaking in tongues with a sister to kissing her…. It doesn’t make you a false prophet but it just means that you were religiously arrogant to think that your spirituality can protect you from your Sexuality.

Before you remind me of self control here, please calm down…. Follow patiently…. We are going somewhere…. The best self control you can exercise with regards to your Sexuality is to FLEE….. As far as you share that private space, boy oh boy, what makes you a man will manifest and you may mess up an entire generation for over exaggerating your own spirituality.

To sisters, I don’t know who you are but you feel disappointed at a very great man who became like bread in water when you both shared a private space, please heal your soul…. He was a man who ignored the truth about his own Sexuality.

To men, if you don’t want your erection to give you direction, you must be conscious of your strong Sexuality and stay away from private spaces with the opposite sex. This is not about renewing your mind…. Some churches used to teach us to renew our mind and share spaces freely but soon, young girls in the church started aborting pregnancies for pastors.

So the solution is not big grammar, the solution is FLEE, BE UNAVAILABLE, ESCAPE, RUN…. God who created you knows what you can handle and what you cannot handle hence the Scriptures instructed us to FLEE.

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