The Fraud In Uzodimma’s 388 Polling Units And 213,695 Votes

By Justice Omenuko

As I stated in a recent short essay, the conflicting wrong numbers, facts and figures have turned many into emergency mathematicians and statisticians. I happen to be one of the new mathematicians in town!

I never knew I could still catch up with calculus, algebra and equation. I never knew that my knowledge of BODMAS was still sharp but latent. The false claims of excluded 213,695 votes from 388 polling units ignited the Chike Obi in me!

But for the truth that his claims have been proved to be laden with criminality, I should have expressed gratitude for Uzodimma for turning me on mathematically!

Now, for clarity sake, let it be known that there are 3520 polling units in Imo State recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). According to INEC report, elections were held in 3132 polling units, with elections in 388 polling units rendered invalid for one electoral misconduct or malpractice reason or another.

Fact is that the APC and others accepted the INEC report that elections were held only in 3132 polling units and elections were cancelled in 388 polling units. Source of this information is INEC. It’s authentic!

The challenge in the petitions arose when Senator Hope Uzodimma, who ran in the election as APC candidate stated in his petition that at the 388 polling units, his votes to the tune of 213,695 were excluded.

The INEC disgreeed and showed forms signed by APC agents in confirmation that no elections were held in the 388 polling units.

Incidentally, Uzodimma insisted on his claims even when he couldn’t prove knowledge of what he was talking about at the tribunal. He as much as confessed that all he was claiming and saying were based on hearsay of his paid agents.

Yet, his few paid agents that came to bear witness, like Barr. Cyprian Akaolisa, couldn’t prove or justify Uzodimma’s claims by their witnessing. Meanwhile, only 28 party agents and no INEC appeared as witness.

The above history was necessary to state or remind where the story of Uzodimma’s tenacious claims began. As it is now, that same false claim was what the Supreme Court relied upon to deliver its misjudgement on the 2019 Imo State governorship election appeal at the apex court.

Gov. Ihedioha’s issue is that the 388 polling units and the 213,695 votes were events that never happened. They are mere false claims by Uzodimma, who was never in the first ten contenders for the office of governor of Imo State in the 2019 election.

Now, is it not worrisome that whereas in the 3132 authentic polling units, APC got 96,458 or 14%, in the 388 polling units, APC got 91.1% of total votes cast?

That can’t just be possible because the 388 polling units were drawn from across the three geo-political zones of Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe Zones, and not only from his Oru East LGA or even Orlu Zone that Uzodimma was representing at the Senate.

In fact, is it not terrible that from 3132 polling units, a total of 714, 355 votes were cast, but in Uzodimma’s 388 polling units, a total of 230,000 votes were cast?

Then this. Is it realistic that the 714,355 votes in the 3132 polling units were shared by 70 candidates, whereas the near 230,000 votes in Uzodimma’s 388 polling were shared between APC Uzodimma and PDP Ihedioha?

Yes, that’s the truth. Uzodimma in the tribunal dock confessed writing the votes written on the tabulated result sheets that he presented to the tribunal. In other words, he kept awarding votes with careless abandon.

On the whole, while Uzodimma awarded himself 213,695 votes, he showed some mercy and awarded about 1900 votes to Ihedioha, with no votes written for any of the rest of the 68 candidates.

A bird’s eye cursory look at the tabulated result sheets contained stupid events like the polling units where Uzodimma awarded himself votes that were twice the number total registered voters! This is so rife in public domain to belabour this short essay with a rehash!

Be that as it may, it’s most worrisome that after the tribunal invested full five months in hearing the petition, threw it out, and the court of appeal similarly threw out the petition after two months work, the Supreme Court from nowhere came out to uphold such falsehood as the 388 polling units and 213,695 votes.

The contravention of the law of incuriam is among the things that Gov. Ihedioha is praying the Supreme Court to set aside and reverse its misjudgement of January 14, 2019!

Indeed, Uzodimma misled the Supreme Court to give him favourable misjudgement. And that makes it fraudulent and unjust! Those form the basis of Gov. Ihedioha’s application and prayer that the misjudgement be set aside and a good judgement delivered.

I’ll end it here. I believe with those points of mine, I’ve been able to convince and not confuse you, that everything written about the fraudulent 388 polling units and 213,695 votes was false! Thank you all!

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