THE UNSEEN FINGER (Part 1) Galaxy news.

DANIEL 5:-11

BELSHAZZAR SON OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR KING OF BABYLON. In one of his days made a feast and called all manner of people both the elites and downtrodden to come and witness how blessed he is and how tough,strong and mighty he was.

It was a full Palacial event, held in the banquet hall of the Aso villa of Babylon. Bible recorded he sat with his wives, girlfriends,friends and concubines, he made a toast and they drank all day and night.

But in the course he called his servants and ordered them to go in and bring him cups of gold taken away by his father from the temple of God (holy and sacred cups).

He made use of them to drink wine 🍷 with his girlfriends,wives and concubines, to mock the God of Israel and made mockery of their beliefs, but He that dwells amongst men was watching him repeating the Mistakes of his father. (How many of us today are repeating the mistakes of our fathers?).

Immediately, while still merrying he saw a hand writing on the wall ( unseen finger). With an inscription
Immediately he got confused and could not read out nor interpret the wordings.
Men who don’t recognise God in their lives are confused men, leaders who don’t see God as the greatest leader are confused leaders, a father who don’t see God and his father must be a confused Father.

Our nation, state, communities are in a pitiable state today because we many of us especially our so called leaders are repeating the mistakes(sins) of our fathers. We have seen their errors yet we chose to continue in it because of Pride, Arrogance, greed, hatred to others, jealousy among other things, thereby keeping our society in a perpetual suffering state. God have mercy.

Belshazzar saw what happened this father Nebuchadnezzar how he insulted God,and He that reigns amongst men caused him to live as an animal in the bush for 7years, yet he stupidly and foolishly went ahead to mock same God who dealt with his father,what hopeless generation who keeps seeing their mates die of cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, drug etc yet they indulge in it and even take it nuclear.

A generation who criticized and blamed our forefathers for their weakness and inability to save our nation from collapsing, regrets and bad management of our resources in the past, yet come to power now to do worse things than those they blamed.

A generation where Men of God who supposed to preach Peace, Love and Unity are the ones running their fellow down, joining the members to push another Man of God down because of Money, Fame, Power and church Politics.

A generation that you can hardly differentiate a Christian believer and Pagan believer, world is in the church and church is in the world now. What a shame!! What a disgrace!! What confused nation and people?

Very soon an Unseen Finger will write for all who are guilty of this that has refused to repent.

To be continued….

Pst. Prince Ukwu

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