The power of Money part 1 . Galaxy news

When you don’t have money you are a suspect, if money loss you will be directly or indirectly accused, even when someone misplaces his/her money you will accused of stealing, you wear what looks like a new cloths, shoes, or even inner wears, you are suspected and secret questions of how you got them will be flying at times without your notice.

You don’t have a say in your home , even to your wife/children. Your younger ones will always disrespect you because you are not able to do like Dede(Elder brother).

Even wives rain insults, disrespect to their hubby when they are the one providing food in the home.

No matter the category you fall in here. Don’t loose hope, keep trying and praying to God, Joseph went to prison as Rapist but only God knows.

But he became a Prime Minister in a foreign Land.

Just hold on a little that dream will soon come real.

I was there and know how it feels. Wait for my Life story coming out soon!!

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