Cross River: Building A Thriving Health Care System. Galaxy news

The management of Public health has remained a great challenge to all Governments across the world, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

This has remained so because of the dynamic nature of illnesses evolving on regular basis, sometimes with stubborn or even drug resistant pathogens, militating social aspects and economic indices.

The havoc wrecked upon human community by these diseases, most times, are often heightened by certain anti-social behaviours manifesting in the form of substance abuse and perversions in the use of some medically beneficial drugs.

In most places in Nigeria today, the misapplication of these substances have become the order of the day, especially among the youths who have found their momentary thrills as a kind of escape from the abject poverty, unemployment and other social and economic problems staring them on their faces.

Having taken cognizance of this great challenge and the need to secure the future of the State, Governor Benedict Ayade led administration,has continued to place health at the centre of his policies.

The new Commisioner for Health Dr.Betta Edu has also continued to evolve proactive dimensions in dealing with the teething problems of citizens’s health.

Apart from the medical angle leading to constructing, renovating and equipping of general hospitals across the state , regular subventions to both Government and Mission Hospitals in the State, regular payment of medical bills of indigent patients etc, the Commisioner has also demonstrated great commitment in adopting a socio-economic angle towards taming the monster in the health sector.

Understanding the correlation between poverty and social deviancy,the free health insurance scheme is a veritable tool to nip in the bud, the rising incidences of youth restiveness, substance abuse and other health challenges.

All the general hospitals in the state are undergoing renovation, expansion with world class facilities.

Apart from distributing tricycles, across the different health centres to help out in time of urgent need, the ministry of health under the leadership of Dr.Betta Edu is changing the narratives in our hospitals and health centres across board.

Cross River State in the next three and half years would be counted among those that have attained the Sustainable Development Goals in public health.

The Federal and other State Governments should as a matter of priority device further pro-active measures towards diversifying methods and approaches to guaranteeing the general health of its citizens. As it is often and rightly said: “Health is wealth.”

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